Five more arrested in widespread $600M kickback scheme

The former chief financial officer at a Southern California hospital and two orthopedic surgeons are among five individuals arrested and charged with participating in a widespread fraud scheme that lasted eight years and led to more than half a billion dollars in false claims.

Insurance broker sentenced to three years for stealing $10M from Aetna

An insurance broker from a popular Vermont ski destination will spend three years in prison for stealing millions in insurance premiums that were supposed to be transferred to Aetna.

NHCAA conference focuses on the future of fraud enforcement

As improper payment rates increase across the board, federal officials are targeting areas of healthcare that are particularly vulnerable to fraud, including prescription drug schemes involving non-controlled drugs and high-priced specialty drugs, according to reports from the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association's annual conference.

Novartis finalizes $390 million kickback settlement

After agreeing "in principle" to settle kickback allegations last month, Novartis finalized the $390 million deal, ending a drawn out legal battled that has led to nearly half a billion dollars in recoveries, according to a release from the Department of Justice (DOJ).


In Georgia, strict fraud enforcement raises concerns about access to care

​Providers in Atlanta are raising concerns about the state's approach to fraud enforcement, citing multiple cases in which the state has levied heavy fines against facilities for making small clerical errors, according to WSB-TV 2 in Atlanta.


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After failing to devise a way to replace the state's managed care organization tax, California lawmakers are facing a $1.1 billion hole in next year's health budget,  Kaiser Health   News  reports.


Two of the men Pamela Wible, M.D., a family practice physician, dated in medical school took their own lives. Eight physicians in her small town committed suicide. Writ large, physician suicide is a public health issue: More than one million patients lose their physicians each year because those physicians take their own lives. In a recent interview with Christine Sinsky, M.D., from the American Medical Association, posted on the KevinMD blog, Wible offered several steps the medical community can take to help prevent additional physician suicides.