Three New York hospitals and a healthcare management company settle for $8 million

Three New York hospitals and a healthcare management company have agreed to collectively pay $8 million to settle allegations that they submitted false claims to New York's Medicaid program for drug and alcohol treatment services. 

Citing fraud concerns, Florida governor orders regulators to audit 129 hospitals

Rising Medicaid costs and concerns surrounding potential Medicaid fraud among healthcare providers has led Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) to call on state regulators to audit 129 hospitals within the state. 

Fake it 'till you make it: Fraud enforcement targets the make believe

Prosecutors, investigators and fraud enforcement officials specialized in uncovering the art of fakery this week, targeting schemes that included deceased patients, a nurse imposter, forged prescriptions and falsified time sheets.

PharMerica reaches settlement for accepting kickbacks tied to anemia drug

Days after the pharmaceutical company Amgen agreed to pay $71 million to 48 states to resolve allegations that it illegally marketed the anemia drug Aranesp, PharMerica Corp. has agreed to a settlement for taking kickbacks to promote the drug, according to the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting.

$6M home health settlement reopens fraud hotspot in New York City

A $6 million fraud settlement by a Brooklyn home health provider offers a window into larger concerns surrounding potential abuse throughout New York, according to the Wall Street Journal.