Tighter controls, oversight will mitigate endemic fraud in South Florida

High rates of healthcare fraud arrests among Cuban born immigrants reveal problematic fraud shemes in South Florida. Although those statistics are unexpectedly high, they aren't shocking considering that healthcare fraud has been endemic throughout South Florida for many years, said Robert Nicholson, Esq., a managing partner with Nicholson & Eastin, LLP in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in an exclusive interview with FierceHealthPayer: Antifraud.

OIG report shows abuse linked to hospice in assisted living facilities

A new Office of Inspector General (OIG) report raises concerns that hospice care in assisted living facilities (ALF) creates the potential for abuse. 

Rampant healthcare fraud result of unmanageable federal spending, report says

Researchers at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University argue that government estimates for fiscal year 2013, which included $106 billion in improper payments, show federal budgets have outgrown the oversight required to prevent fraud, waste and abuse. Additionally, those numbers may be underreported, and improper spending related to healthcare may be closer to 20 percent of federal spending, according to the report.


Ambulance services contribute to $350 million in fraud annually

Ambulance services contribute to as much as $350 million in fraudulent Medicare billing every year, often transporting healthy patients or double billing for two patients at one time, according to ABC News.


FBI raids Florida medical supply company with ties to 'Wolf of Wall Street'

The FBI has raided the medical supply company Med-Care Diabetes & Medical Supplies Inc.--a firm that garnered national attention because of ties to an infamous fraudster who helped inspire the blockbuster movie "The Wolf of Wall Street."