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Latest Headlines

Patient-centric care may improve revenues, margins for hospitals

Research from consulting firm Accenture suggests that a patient-centric model of care may increase the financial bottom line for hospitals.

Hospitals engage less than 2 percent of patients with mobile apps

Healthcare providers are "woefully inadequate" in offering consumers mobile apps, with hospitals engaging less than 2 percent of patients with such tools, despite the fact that 54 percent of consumers want to use a smartphone to interact with their providers.

Retail clinics to surpass 2,800 in next two years

Retail health clinics will continue to expand throughout the country and will increase by nearly 50 percent in the next two years, according to a new report from Accenture.

Use of virtual health tools could shave $10 billion a year from primary care costs

Using virtual health technology in primary care could save $10 billion a year and allow treatment of more patients without the need to train more doctors, according to a new report.

Hospital M&A: Non-acute care facilities, digital health in, 'horizontal' hospital acquisitions out

  Competition and the transition to value-based care are two reasons for the dramatic increase in the number of health systems that have acquired physician practices, retail clinics and digital resources in the last nine years, according to a new report from management consulting firm Accenture.

Report: 50 percent of digital health startups will fail within 20 months

As more startups enter digital healthcare, more are likely to quickly fail, but that gives larger companies the ability to "mine" them for new innovations, according to a report from Accenture.

Independent practices: A vanishing breed

Just one in three physicians will remain in private practice by the end of 2016, according to a new report from Accenture.

Leidos, Cerner win Pentagon EHR contract

A team led by Leidos and Kansas City, Missouri-based Cerner Corp. has won the highly coveted contract to implement the electronic health record system for the Department of Defense.

Pentagon to announce DHMSM contract winner this week

The Department of Defense is poised to announce the winner of its electronic health record system contract this week.

One-third of workers say they'd quit if they lose employer-sponsored health insurance coverage

Health insurance is so important to employees that 1 in 3 would leave their jobs if their employers stopped fully sponsoring their health benefits, according to survey released today.