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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Massachusetts insurers say ACA, pricey drugs to blame for financial losses

Many Massachusetts health insurers are struggling to make profits after experiencing financial challenges last year, the  Boston Business Journal  reports.

Massachusetts insurers need to beef up price transparency efforts

The three biggest insurers in Massachusetts--Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Harvard Pilgrim and Tufts Health Plan--should all improve their price transparency efforts required under state law, according to an evaluation from advocacy group Health Care for All.

To recoup losses, nonprofit insurer eyes crowded commercial market

Boston-based Neighborhood Health Plan, best known for managing the care of low-income Medicaid patients, is accelerating a push into the crowded large-employer market.

Insurers look to specialty drugs, efficiency incentives to moderate ACA costs

As the Affordable Care Act continues to negatively impact insurers in Massachusetts, sometimes causing major financial hits, they're taking specific steps to regain financial stability.

BCBSMA approves mastectomy coverage amid policy confusion

An updated Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts policy blindsided a patient recently because it would not cover the full cost of a her mastectomy, saying removing the breast without cancer was unnecessary.

Massachusetts insurers experienced shaky 2014

It was a tough 2014 for three of Massachusetts' largest insurers.

Alternative quality care contracts can be 'backbone' for payment reform

The alternative quality care contract that Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts has had in place since 2009 could serve as a payment reform "backbone" for other insurers as they increasingly reward quality, efficient care, according to a new report from Avalere Health.

Massachusetts Blues CEO touts bipartisan path to control costs

The CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts remains convinced the healthcare industry can rein in costs in a way that pleases both political parties, The Boston Globe reported.

BCBSMA shares recipe for global payments success

FierceHealthPayer spoke with BCBSMA Senior Vice President of Performance Measurement and Improvement Dana Gelb Safran to find out how the insurer continues to use global payments to cut medical costs and improve patient care.

States tackle spiraling drug costs

Through a precertification program launched in 2012, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts reduced prescriptions for opioids such as Percocet by 20 percent and halved the prescription volume for longer-lasting painkillers such as OxyContin, The Boston Globe reported.