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Latest Headlines

Lawmakers raise suspicions about contractor

During the troubled rollout of the website--glitches, delays and errors--the Obama administration hired technology company Quality Software Systems Inc. to rid the site of its problems. Yet because its sister company, UnitedHealthcare, sells plans on the marketplaces, many congressional Republicans are questioning the decision to enlist help from the tech firm, reports The Daily Signal.

States fight against provider consolidation

As providers continue to team up, insurers claim the growing rate of provider consolidation leads to high healthcare costs. Many states want to lessen the impact of provider consolidation by implementing laws and regulations that encourage price disclosure and ensure limits on healthcare prices, according to a new paper from the National Academy of Social Insurance and Catalyst for Payment Reform.

Few consumers have seen quality data for providers, survey finds

Although consumers say they value high-quality care and are willing to pay more to see high-quality doctors, few have actually done so, according to a new survey conducted by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

Development problems continue for exchanges

There appears to be no evidence that the vendors for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services have written the code to fix the  faulty back-end systems that deal with paying subsidies and billing qualified health plan enrollees.

4 ways insurers can implement mobile performance metrics

Mobile app performance in the health insurance industry continues to gain importance and popularity. And  as insurers embrace mobile strategies, it's imperative to measure their performance against cost and success at achieving business goals,  FierceMobileHealthcare  previously reported.  Listed below are a few ways to implement and operate mobile performance metrics,  according to  Insurance & Technology.

New standards could expand provider networks

As health insurers' provider networks get more narrow, many states are adopting standards to ease consumer concerns about limited selections of doctors and hospitals, reports The New York Times.

Will insurers' telemedicine use lead to wrong diagnoses?

Insurers are slowly incorporating telemedicine into their health plan offerings, but some doctors worry the increased use of online visits with patients could lead to wrong diagnoses.

HHS doles out $100M to spur Medicaid innovation

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services yesterday launched a new initiative, allocating more than $100 million in technical support to collaborate with states to improve Medicaid programs and lower costs.

4 retail strategies for payer success in the consumer-driven marketplace

Many insurers have recognized the need to implement retail strategies in order to better serve their customers in a consumer-driven market.  FierceHealthPayer  spoke with three top execs at Capital BlueCross, Humana and Highmark, who shared their tips for best retail consumer practices.

3 ways to align quality goals across payers

Different insurers define healthcare quality in different ways, so to accelerate the shift toward high-quality, high-value care, payers need to adopt common standards, according to a new issue brief from the Center for Health Care Strategies and the Milbank Memorial Fund.