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Latest Headlines

ACA likely to lead to more healthcare spending

Although healthcare reform is designed to remove waste from the healthcare system, experts say it will lead to more spending now that millions of people are newly insured.

3 tips for financing medical equipment

If you don't want to depend on a hospital to fund a major technology or equipment purchase and can't quite pay out of pocket, a loan can be a viable option, Gray Tuttle, a principal with Rehmann's Healthcare Management Advisors, recently told  Renal & Urology News. 

Physician pay mostly flat in 2014

Physician compensation stayed mostly stagnant and even declined for some specialties over the past year, trends that could reflect early changes in reimbursement related to the Affordable Care Act, according to  Medscape's 2014 Physician Compensation Report.

Medicare changes needed to improve ACO benefits

Based on care patterns among  accountable care organization (ACO)  beneficiaries, many barriers remain to achieving organizational accountability in Medicare, according to a recent study published in JAMA Internal Medicine.

AMA: Physician practices vital to economy

The rise in spending on physician services in recent years has had a positive ripple effect on the U.S. economy, according to a new report from the American Medical Association. "Every dollar applied to physician services supports an additional $1.62 in other business activity," the report noted.

Price transparency should start with insurers

Insurers, providers and some of their lobbying groups have issued new recommendations that give payers a leading role in advancing price transparency in healthcare.

NH to appeal hospital tax ruling

New Hampshire's attorney general will appeal a judge's ruling that the state's hospital tax, which brings in $185 million a year, is unconstitutional to the state Supreme Court, reported.

Current ACA challenge: Understanding contracts

Only months into Affordable Care Act implementation, one of the biggest remaining challenges for physician practices is understanding contracts with new health exchange plans, noted consultant Mary Pat Whaley in a recent  Manage   My Practice  blog post.

Transition from medical to pharmacy benefit to save big

The cost of specialty medications is expected to rise to $235 billion by 2018, providing many cost-related challenges to payers. To off-set these costs, health insurers can move prescription benefits from medical to pharmacy coverage, according to a new Milliman report commissioned by CVS Caremark.

'Traditional' practice gets more diverse

Facing more competition from retail and urgent care centers than ever, doctors increasingly offer more diverse services not typically found in the traditional private practice, from cosmetic procedures to urgent care, according to an article from the  News-Star.