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Latest Headlines

Oncologists can't afford to stay independent

While the healthcare-conso lidation  trend has accelerated across specialties since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, oncologists in private practice face particularly intense pressure to sell or become otherwise affiliated with hospitals, according to an art icle  from the  New York Times.

Benefits plans excluding more drugs as costs rise

Express Scripts, CVS Health and Medicaid rank among the prescription benefit managers banning specialty drugs from health plan coverage in an effort to keep costs down,  Bloomberg  reported.  

Patient collections: 5 challenges to address

The proliferation of high-deductible health plans has not only caused hardship for patients, but has added a difficult layer of administrative and financial burden for physician practices and ambulatory surgery centers, according to an arti cle  from the  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

5 ways to boost your bottom line in 2015

Last week's top story, "Practices' top financial challenges of 2014 turned out to be a hotter headline than I'd predicted. Perhaps the popularity of that story speaks to the adage...

Can adding a PA instantly boost your bottom line?

At a time when many practices must do more with less, some experts say that adding one or more physi cian assistants  (PA) to your payroll can help make practice access--and revenue--more abundant, according to an arti cle  from  HCPLive.

Despite a stabilizing malpractice environment, experts say tort reform doesn't work

The current medical malpractice environment has grown slightly less treacherous for doctors over the past seven to 10 years, with payouts falling and premiums remaining relatively flat, according to res earch  published in the  Journal of the American Medical Association.  But this stabilization of the market has not been due to traditional liability reforms such as those capping damages or scrutinizing qualifications of expert witnesses.

Practices' top financial challenges of 2014

Financial challenges continue to plague physician pr actices, as indicated by the latest sur vey  from  Medical Economics, which sheds light on the trends currently affecting physician incomes and office balance sheets.

Case study: Intermountain Healthcare shares lessons in achieving Triple Aim

For today's primary care practices, the holy grail of delivering personalized, patient-centered care is actually three-fold. And while learning several lessons along the way, Intermountain Healthcare has achieved these goals, according to an article from H&HN.

UnitedHealth's Lee Newcomer: Effective bundled payments require physician leaders, collaboration

UnitedHealthcare has created and implemented effective bundled payments, including a program that lowered medical costs for breast, colon and lung cancer treatment by 34 percent.  In partnership with those providers, UnitedHealth established more than 60 quality and cost measures to determine whether the  bundled payment  program was achieving its goals.  Lee Newcomer, UnitedHealth's senior vice president of oncology, tells  FierceHealthPayer  how it worked.

How price transparency may complicate medical decision-making

Despite the benefits of increasing healthcare price transpa rency  for patients, putting cost information in front of  clinicians may introduce ethical challenges in ensuring patients get appropriate care, according to a po st  from  Forbes.