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Latest Headlines

Deposition reveals early IRS doubts about cost-sharing reduction funding

Before a court fight erupted over the legality of a key Affordable Care Act provision, the Obama administration held a secretive meeting with IRS officials to lay out its justification for making billions of dollars in payments to health insurers to subsidize individuals' premiums.  

Fear of financial losses from Zika pandemic prompts insurers to assess risk

As the Zika pandemic threatens to put some insurers out of business, payers and brokers are scrambling to assess the risk to their bottom lines.

Ohio's CO-OP goes under, while HealthyCT expects profit in 2017

Coordinated Health Mutual Inc., Ohio's consumer operated and oriented plan, went into receivership to allow the failing company to wind down its operations over the next 60 days, the state's Department of Insurance announced. At the same time, HealthyCT, Connecticut's CO-OP, expects to be profitable in the first quarter of 2017, according to the  New Haven Register.

Blue Shield of California reveals executive pay

After several years of questions about executive pay coupled with criticism surrounding the insurer's transparency, Blue Shield of California has issued a detailed report of its top 10 executive salaries in 2015.  

Certain coverage options could save Medicaid money on long-term care

Using private and/or public insurance options to help finance long-term care could offset costs for the Medicaid program and provide better financial protection for individuals with disabilities, argues a new brief from the Urban Institute with funding from The SCAN Foundation.

Health insurers increase borrowing to cover ACA losses

Health insurers have nearly double the amount of borrowed money on their balance sheets in the last five years to cover losses tied to Affordable Care Act (ACA) exchange plans, particularly the retroactive payments made through the government's risk stabilization programs, according to a report from the A.M. Best Company.

In pilot study, Hawaii insurer will try new provider payment model

The Hawaii Medical Service Association (HMSA), the state's largest insurer, is about to change how doctors are paid, Kathleen Kozak, M.D., an internal medicine physician, writes at  Honolulu Civil Beat.

Experts: To improve ACA plan competition, stop capping insurers' margins

One way to increase competition in the Affordable Care Act marketplaces is to get rid of caps on insurance carriers' operating margins, two industry experts argue in a blog post for the consulting firm BDO.  

BCBS CEO: High-risk exchange customers create unsustainable losses

Sicker, more expensive patients are flooding the Affordable Care Act exchanges in North Carolina, driving up medical costs for insurers and creating "unsustainable" losses, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina president and CEO Brad Wilson says.

Health insurers not responsible for rising premiums, exec says

With just 10 percent of health insurance premiums going to health plans, blaming insurance companies for rising rates makes little sense, according to an opinion piece published in the  Albany Business Review.