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Latest Headlines

Joseph Kvedar: Why federal efforts to spur patient engagement miss the mark

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' attempt to spur patient engagement by provider organizations via the proposed rule for Stage 3 of Meaningful Use is "admirable" but "misguided," according to Joseph Kvedar, vice president for connected health at Boston-based Partners HealthCare.

3 ways providers can mitigate health IT harm

Electronic health records introduce new kinds of risks into an already complex healthcare environment, according to a new Sentinel Event Alert published this week by the Joint Commission.

Will Medicaid expansion create a care shortage for addicts?

A drastic expansion of insurance coverage among people with drug and alcohol abuse disorders will exacerbate several states' already-severe shortage of behavioral health professionals, according to Pew Charitable Trusts.

More hospitals adopt 'enhanced recovery' protocols for surgical patients

Standard hospital protocols for surgery patients include heavy IV fluids, strong post-operative drugs, bedrest and fasting, but many providers have started to rethink this routine in the wake of growing evidence it can hinder the recovery process, according to the  Wall Street Journal.

Different approach to surgical prep can cut costs, improve outcomes

Giving patients more nutrients before surgery and less painkillers after can considerably cut down their recovery times, the  Wall Street Journal  reported. 

Stress buster: Chaos theory helps nurses cope in the emergency room

To help nurses cope with the stress they encounter on the job, one nursing school program teaches students to incorporate the chaos theory and expect the unexpected.

How to improve clinical decision support drug interaction alerts

Clinical decision support alerts for drug interactions need major improvements. A paper published at the  Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association  offers some recommendations.

Endoscopes also linked to drug-resistant E. coli outbreak in Washington state

The contaminated medical devices blamed for a series of superbug outbreaks are also linked to an outbreak of a drug-resistant  Escherichia coli   (E. coli)  strain in a Washington state hospital. These endoscopes may infect more patients if hospitals use the company's recommended cleaning procedures, according to a study published in  Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology.

5 ways to involve patients and familes in achieving the Triple Aim

To achieve meaningful care quality and safety outcomes, providers must partner and collaborate with patient and family advisors, according to a new guide from the American Hospital Association.

Health plans need to up their game to help smokers quit

A majority of state health insurance marketplace plans do not do enough to provide smokers with the assistance they need to quit, according to a new  report from the American Lung Association.