BEYOND THE CHNA: Hospitals and the Community Health Improvement Process

Event | Begins July 30 | Sponsored by: IHI | Published on: June 19

The Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) can be difficult to complete for a number of reasons - but it presents a tremendous opportunity to accelerate community health improvement. Designed for hospitals and health systems, public health professionals, and community health leaders, IHI's four-part webinar provides a roadmap to build capacity and implement effective changes to improve population health. Enroll today >>

REDUCING READMISSIONS: Improving Transitions in Care

Event | September 28-29 in Boston, MA | Sponsored by: IHI | Published on: June 19

A comprehensive and reliable discharge plan - along with post-discharge support - can reduce readmission rates, improve health outcomes, and ensure quality transitions. Join IHI and improve your team's capacity to: assess the comprehensive needs of patients; leverage health literacy to enhance patient education; develop a customized post-discharge plan; communicate discharge information to patients and community providers; and facilitate appropriate post-hospital follow-up. Learn more >>

Clinical Practice Compliance Conference

Event | October 11 - October 13, Philadelphia, PA | Sponsored by: Health Care Compliance Association | Published on: June 22

The Clinical Practice Compliance Conference takes place in Philadelphia from October 11-13. Learn about a wide range of issues including privacy, HIPAA, risk management, coding and electronic records. Register by August 18th to save $175. Learn more at