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Latest Headlines

Long-term impact of high-deductible health plans uncertain

While high-deductible health plans appear to reduce overall medical expenses by encouraging more selective healthcare use by consumers in the short term, in the long run they may actually increase costs.  

CMS announces new ACO model for dialysis patients

Medicare has launched a new accountable care organization model centered on patients who receive dialysis for end-stage renal disease, a condition that accounts for nearly 6 percent of all Medicare spending. 

The next frontier in healthcare collaboration: Hospital-retail clinic cooperation

Healthcare is an increasingly collaborative industry, and as retail clinics continue to proliferate, hospitals may want to partner with them, according to a report from the Convenient Care Association..

Bipartisan mental health reform bill gains momentum in wake of shootings

While the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was supposed to fix disparities in how insurers cover the costs of mental healthcare, the results so far have been mixed.  And now the national debate over the need to provide better treatment for people with mental health problems is heating up.

Patients more satisfied with care at Magnet hospitals

Magnet-designated hospitals, which are accredited nationally for nursing excellence, also receive higher ratings from patients--a measure that could also help Magnet hospitals financially, a new study finds.

High-cost seniors turn to traditional Medicare over Medicare Advantage plans

Many seniors switch from Medicare Advantage plans to traditional Medicare when they become seriously ill, which raises questions about how well MA plans can serve this population of high-cost patients, according to a new  Health Affairs  study.

Patient satisfaction varies by care setting

Healthcare professionals in search of a simple rubric for establishing high satisfaction rates across multiple care settings in pediatric care may find their goal is highly elusive. A study by the Neours Children's Health System and Philadelphia's Thomas Jefferson University found that pediatric patient satisfaction varies according to the setting in which care is provided.

More than half of transplant nurses show signs of burnout

More than half of nurses who work with organ transplant patients in the United States report high levels of emotional exhaustion and low levels of personal accomplishment in their life-saving work, according to a study published in Progress in Transplantation.

Common hospital practices risk patient malnutrition, sleep deprivation

Hospitals' emergency department and surgical protocols are in dire need of reform, and the status quo can worsen patients' conditions through malnutrition and sleep deprivation, argues researchers from Johns Hopkins Hospital. 

4 Fierce hand-hygiene videos for the age of superbugs

Despite all the research that shows how proper hand hygiene can help prevent hospital-acquired infections, a full quarter of providers don't meet the Leapfrog Group's 10 best practices for hand-washing. To help healthcare leaders engage patients and staff in a way that's proven to work,  FierceHealthcare   found four hand-hygiene-themed videos, produced by hospitals, and posted to You Tube, that will grab their attention.