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Latest Headlines

Study: Great potential for Medicare Advantage to engage providers in value-based care

While Medicare Advantage plans present immense potential to accelerate the transition from volume to value in the healthcare industry, health plans still face challenges in convincing providers of the buisness case for value-based care in MA, according to a new study from Deloitte.  

ERs could shed light on police shootings

Hospital emergency departments have great potential as a potential source to shed light on police shootings, according to National Public Radio.

3 ways to tackle a high no-show rate

With billions of dollars in revenue on the line nationwide, one physician shares his strategies to cut down on no-show patients at his practice.

Federal appeals court removes barrier for dual hospital classification

It may now be easier for hospitals to improve outcomes at lower costs by claiming both "urban" and "rural" status, thanks to a ruling by the 2 nd  U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York.

High-deductible health plans reduce care, but at a cost

As high-deductible health plans become a more common fixture in the healthcare industry, the debate continues as to whether such benefit designs reduce care costs and usage--and how that influences consumers' health, according to a new issue brief from  Health Affairs.  

20 companies join in effort to keep employee healthcare costs low

Twenty major companies are teaming up to keep the amount they spend on employee healthcare as low as possible. 

HHS announces reforms to Native American healthcare system

Federal officials have released a plan aimed at improving care in hospitals serving Native Americans in four Great Plains states, according to the Associated Press.

A 2006 healthcare bill could serve as foundation for a single-payer system

A decade-old plan with a focus on cost-sharing could help the country successfully transition to a universal healthcare program, according to a  Vox  blog post.

Promising early results for CMS' nursing home-hospital admissions program

A federal initiative to reduce preventable hospital admissions among nursing home residents has returned encouraging early results, according to a new report.

Why docs must give up 'standard of care'

Taking issue with the term "standard of care," William Sullivan, D.O., senior editor of  Emergency Physicians Monthly  and an Illinois emergency physician, advocates instead for doctors to practice "reasonableness" to inform medical decision-making.