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Latest Headlines

A Virginia provider may have a solution for rural hospitals

Unlike other rural providers, Augusta Health, a 255-bed hospital in Fisherville, Virginia, is a financial success. The organization has more then doubled in size and patient capacity since it opened its doors 21 years ago. The keys to its success: Not accumulating debt and ongoing expense reduction.

Moody's: Cyber risks will factor into credit ratings

A new report issued by Moody's Investors Service concludes that it must take potential cyber security breaches more seriously as it assesses the creditworthiness of healthcare and other business entities.

Why burnout hits emergency docs, hospitalists so hard

Burnout among healthcare workers is on the rise, and research suggests it hits emergency physicians and hospitalists the hardest, according to MedPageToday

4 steps to take the healthcare continuum into the age of value-based care

Amid a transitional period for the healthcare industry, healthcare providers should "connect the dots" between a few key guiding principles to strengthen the care continuum, according to a new whitepaper from the American Hospital Association.

4 ways to make your practice more attractive to millennial docs

Attracting and keeping millennials is inevitably going to be the name of the game for successful practices going forward, and contrary to some of the stereotypes regarding intergenerational strife, a lot of the changes that make the workplace more inviting for millennials can provide broader benefits throughout the practice.

Retail stores gain steam among health insurers

Even as the Affordable Care Act's marketplaces have led countless consumers to buy health coverage online, major insurers also are embracing the idea of operating physical stores that promise personalized customer service.

Health insurance execs focus on holistic approach to population health

​Now that open enrollment is underway for Affordable Care Act exchange plans, the focus is turning to what insurance companies are planning for the upcoming year, including how they plan to manage population health. To find out what's in store,  Managed Healthcare Executive  asked four health plan executives about their goals and priorities.

How hospitals handle workers who refuse flu shots

though the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that all healthcare workers receive flu shots, many healthcare organizations struggle to enforce it, especially if staff have religious or medical reasons that prevent them from having annual immunizations. 

10 tips to become a better healthcare leader

The best leaders surely want to become even better leaders. And healthcare execs can become amazing leaders if they follow suggestions from experts who have led in times of trouble and inspire their staff.

Mendocino Coast's plight is that of many rural hospitals

The plight of a hospital in a remote Northern California town seems to be symbolic of what many rural facilities are suffering throughout the country.