Health insurers not responsible for rising premiums, exec says

With just 10 percent of health insurance premiums going to health plans, blaming insurance companies for rising rates makes little sense, according to an opinion piece published in the Albany Business Review.


Analysis of proposed 2017 exchange premiums shows wide variation

Health insurers' proposed 2017 rates for the Affordable Care Act exchange plans so far exceed 2016 increases, but can vary widely by state.

Widening merger-review approach could stymie insurer deals

A shift in how antitrust officials examine the anticompetitive effects of mergers could add to the mounting challenges faced by the Aetna-Humana and Anthem-Cigna deals.


Anthem-Cigna discord compounds uncertainty over merger's future

Reports of behind-the-scenes bickering between Anthem and Cigna have reverberated in the stock market and raised further doubts about the likelihood the health insurers' merger will win approval.


AHIP: Case studies show insurers breaking ground in behavioral health coverage

A new report from America's Health Insurance Plans touts the "pioneering innovative programs" that insurers have deployed to meet patients' behavioral health needs.


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Transparency via the OpenNotes initiative, which allows a patient to read their doctor's notes, is creating stronger patient-physician relationships, new research shows. 


A study published by researchers at California State Polytechnic University, Ponoma, that finds that certain Fitbit trackers are not accurate when it comes to heart rate monitoring is being called biased by the fitness wearables company.