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Latest Headlines

New programs compare standardized exchange plans based on price, quality

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has detailed two new changes to for the 2017 open enrollment period designed to simplify the process of choosing a health plan on the federal exchange, according to a CMS blog post.    

How CMS proposes to align Medicaid managed care with private plans

Among the many provisions in the newly finalized rule for Medicaid managed care, the federal government seeks to align MMC regulations with ones that govern other privately managed plans.  

4 ways health insurers can engage customers through exchanges

Amid the healthcare industry's shift to a consumer-focused business model, one health insurer has embraced the change by creating its own exchange platform to sell coverage in what it sees as a more effective and engaging manner.  

Polls point to deep divide in views of Affordable Care Act

While the public at large appears to have negative views of the Affordable Care Act, an increasing number of Democrats want to expand the ACA, reflecting a widening divide between the law's supporters and opponents, according to two new opinion polls.

To improve marketing to millennials, consider hiring one

For health insurers, the key to engaging young consumers and improving customer service may just be to put a millennial in a leadership position.  

Beyond enrollment: 3 ways state exchanges are expanding their roles

When state insurance exchanges first emerged, their primary task was to facilitate and encourage enrollment in health plans--a task some were unable to accomplish. But for the state exchanges still standing, the focus has turned to not only singing up people for coverage, but also improving their health.  

Why insurance companies should subsidize Apple Watches

Despite many pundits saying the Apple Watch is a total flop, the wearable technology may play a vital role in the ability for payers to make its members active roleplayers in their own healthcare costs, according to an article from the  Motley Fool.  

Cigna's use of health coaches leads to lower premiums

By offering financial incentives to employees that use health coaches, Cigna found beneficiaries can control their weight, blood pressure and other chronic conditions, leading to lower premiums for all beneficiaries, according to the  Hartford Courant.

Cut the churn: Lessons in member loyalty from Southwest Airlines

Given the challenges health insurers have encountered on the individual exchanges, perhaps the best business model for them would be to emulate a popular airline company, according to  Vox.

Study: More approve of ACA's effects, but political divisions skew overall opinions

Though the Affordable Care Act has helped 20 million adults gain health insurance and Americans increasingly have positive views of its tangible effects, public opinion about the law remains deeply divided due to party affiliation and distrust in the government, according to a new study from  Health Affairs.