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Latest Headlines

UnitedHealth: 3 ways to better engage members

UnitedHealthcare is focusing on three main areas to meet the ongoing demands of its customers. In an article for Healthcare Payer News, UnitedHealth's Chief Consumer Officer Tom Paul recommends health insurers do the following.

3 ways CMOs can help insurers be more consumer-centric

Chief marketing officers are critical to insurance companies that want to be more consumer-driven and focused. Particularly as consumers begin taking control of their relationship with insurers' brands, CMOs are in a position to optimize and redefine their companies into an efficient marketing operating system.

Anti-reform ad fail: Negative campaigns increased ACA enrollment

Critics of the Affordable Care Act have spent about $450 million on negative ads. But those ad dollars may have backfired, given a recent analysis by the Brookings Institution shows a positive link between anti-ACA spending and ACA enrollment.

Consider another perspective to improve healthcare relationships

I recently celebrated my daughter's fourth birthday; so my interest was piqued when I read a story from my colleague about how insurers should embrace their inner 4-year-old to enable...

Blue Cross: Value-based care delivers huge ROI

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association's plans are spending more than $65 million a year in value-based payment programs that have a high return on investment. In 2012 alone, the plans saved $500 million.

Most employees fear shift to exchange coverage

Insurers haven't successfully communicated the benefits of enrolling in a plan sold through a health insurance exchange since a new survey shows a large majority of consumers are afraid of their employers shifting them into the online marketplaces.

Account-based plans: Closing the knowledge gap for consumers

Despite the increased use of high-deductible plans and health savings accounts--47 percent of employers offer HDHPs and 42 percent offer HSAs--consumers still know very little about these types of policies, according to a new survey from Alegeus Technologies.

Health Net hit with most consumer complaints in Arizona

California-based Health Net boasts the lowest-cost insurance plans in Arizona, as well as the most consumer complaints, the  Arizona Republic  reported.

Survey: Consumers send mixed signals on shared decision-making

A large majority--90 percent--of consumers wants to take charge of their medical decisions, but only about 50 percent actually talk about healthcare costs, according to a new survey of almost 3,000 adults from Altarum Institute.

Payers: 2 ways to enhance call centers, customer satisfaction

As the healthcare industry gears up for the next open enrollment period in November, payers need to look for ways to improve their call centers to provide a better experience for customers. Listed below are two ways payers can better serve their members, according to a new report from consulting firm Oliver Wyman.