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Latest Headlines

Aetna helps members address emotional impacts of cancer

Aetna has launched a new pilot program that aims to help its members address the emotional impacts of cancer in addition to all the physical issues. The program, called Aetna CarePal, connects members who have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer to members who have already survived the disease, the insurer said yesterday in an article on its website.

Will high deductibles cost insurers more money?

The rise in plans sold on health insurance exchanges with high deductibles brings a new concern--consumers who postpone needed care because of the cost. Those decisions could mean the high-deductible health plans backfire on insurers and could lead to even more medical use and greater expenses in the future,  The New York Times  reported.

Horizon expands patient-centered care programs

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey is expanding its patient-centered practices to its newest Medicare Advantage plan. 

With wellness programs, companies search for the keys to worker motivation

Noting the trend toward tying employees' health insurance premiums to their willingness to participate in a wellness program, a  Columbus CEO  article points to keys to creating successful programs.

Cigna launches gamified digital health coaching

Cigna has launched a new digital health coaching program that offers a "digital ecosystem" of mobile tools, social media engagement, gamification and web-based incentives to help its members meet their health goals.

HHS working with states on exchanges, Medicaid enrollment issues

To help ensure a smoother enrollment process this year, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services is working with state health insurance exchanges, especially ones that struggled amid technical difficulties last year, as well as Medicaid officials.

Insurers scrutinized for Medicare plans

Medicare health plans are in the spotlight once again, but not in a good way. Federal officials aren't pleased with the plans, citing  dozens of federal audit reports that indicate the same kind of d eficiencies year after year, reports the  The New York Times.

Employers, states raising the stakes for wellness program participation

In this day and age, nearly every major employer offers some sort of wellness program as a way to encourage employees into partaking in a healthier lifestyle. Under the Affordable Care Act, employers and states are able to increase the amount of rewards dished out to employees who participate in such programs. Additionally, employers are also allowed to increase the maximum penalties if employees do not participate. launches new shopping tool launched a new website that allows consumers to compare prices among plans. 

Wal-Mart expands insurance education efforts for customers

Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the Arkansas-based discount retailer and world's largest private employer, is launching an in-store program to help customers navigate the health insurance maze, the company announced today.  Wal-Mart is partnering with to set up counters in 2,700 stores where customers can speak to licensed insurance agents about product choices.