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Latest Headlines

Open enrollment sign-ups total 12.7 million

Affordable Care Act marketplace sign-ups for 2016 totaled about 12.7 million people, the federal government announced Thursday, including 9.6 million who enrolled through and 3.1 million through state exchanges.

6 million Americans qualify for Medicaid but don't sign up

As many as six million Americans are eligible to get nearly free healthcare through Medicaid but don't sign up, according to an article from the  Wall Street Journal.

Andy Slavitt touts enrollment surges as Obama admin makes final sign-up push

With just a few days left to sign up for Affordable Care Act coverage, the federal government is emphasizing promising enrollment numbers as it makes its final push to reach the uninsured.

ACA enrollment advocates have uphill battle in Oklahoma

A group of Oklahoma insurance counselors are increasing their efforts to find people who are uninsured in the state and enroll them in coverage before the open enrollment period ends Jan. 31--a difficult task in a state staunchly opposed to the Affordable Care Act.  

Most Americans happy with their health plan, poll finds

Though concerns over narrow networks and rising premiums continue to gain attention, a new poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation reveals that many Americans actually are satisfied with their insurance plan.  

Young consumers balk at fine for avoiding health insurance

As the Obama administration and outreach organizations drive home the point about increasing fines for remaining uninsured, that strategy is putting added pressure on many young, healthy individuals who believe they are unable to afford health insurance, according to the Associated Press.

High healthcare costs lead some consumers to turn to limited-coverage plans

​Faced with high premiums and deductibles for traditional health insurance coverage, an increasing number of consumers are opting to piece together short-term and critical-illness plans, according to a  Kaiser Health News  report.

Enrollment surge means rocky start to 2016 for health insurance customers

The large surge in health insurance enrollment at the end of 2015 has resulted in problems for thousands of insurance customers in the new year, according to an Associated Press report.

Open enrollment 2016: Best practices and lessons learned [Special Report]

To engage with consumers in an increasingly consumer-centric healthcare landscape, insurers and other organizations have a wealth of strategies at their disposal. But what works best? To find out,  FierceHealthPayer  spoke with industry experts and outreach organizations--all of which have been on the ground during this open enrollment period--to identify the best practices.

11.3M sign up for coverage on state, federal exchanges

More than 11.3 million people have chosen health coverage through and the state exchanges through Dec. 26, new government data show, though not all news about the Affordable Care Act's enrollment gains is encouraging.