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Latest Headlines

The vaccination debate: Better balance needed between public and private entities

Despite the public sound and fury surrounding childhood vaccination in the United States, rates remain generally high. The cost of vaccination efforts have fallen disproportionately on physicians, however, according to a post on the  Health Affairs  blog, and increased help from the public sector is essential to maintain or improve upon the situation going forward.

Why universal health coverage may require a step-by-step approach

While a single-payer system might be the most effective at achieving universal healthcare coverage in the U.S., "political realities" as well as the makeup of the uninsured population mean that an incremental approach building upon the Affordable Care Act is actually the most feasible, according to Kaiser Family Foundation President and CEO Drew Altman.  

Zika virus: Hospitals batten down the hatches as CDC works on vaccine

The threat of the Zika virus includes numerous unknown variables, which have healthcare providers across the nation adopting a "better safe than sorry" approach.

Physician shortage: Medical graduates who miss out on residency add to the problem

American medical schools have responded to the looming physician shortage by enrolling and graduating more medical students. But turning those graduates into licensed physicians who practice in areas experiencing high levels of need has turned out to be another issue entirely, according to an article in  The Conversation.

It's governor vs. governor in fight over future of Kentucky healthcare

The healthcare war continues in Kentucky, with former governor Steve Beshear forming a nonprofit group with the goal of preventing his successor, Matt Bevin, from dismantling the state's health insurance exchange, Kynect.  

CO-OP exec: Risk-adjustment issues threaten core of health reform

Federal regulators' refusal to amend the risk-adjustment program threatens not only the viability of small insurers, but also the survival of the Affordable Care Act itself, the CEO of a consumer operated and oriented plan wrote in an opinion piece for the  Baltimore Sun.  

4 considerations for your practice's online presence

A disgruntled former patient who created a website to impersonate his surgeon's online presence. Plastic surgery practices posting the work of another plastic surgeon on their websites. These are just two reasons you must be careful when you set up an online presence to market your physician practice, according to a recent  Medscape  article.

Mergers and affiliations: Slow down and analyze carefully before signing a deal

The changing regulatory and competitive landscape of the healthcare industry make it tempting for physicians in independent practice to throw in the towel and join forces with a hospital or an affiliate group. When that temptation arises, it's essential to vet potential merger opportunities thoroughly and move deliberately, according to an article in  OncLive.

Health industry must move beyond HIPAA 101

Why is a 20-year-old law still so confusing? It's ironic that the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, legislation intended, in large part, to simplify the administration of healthcare, continues to confound providers, patients and others, and make the industry more complicated. You'd think we'd all have the hang of it by now. Evidently not.

Fearing state action, Illinois doctors hesitant to prescribe medical marijuana

In Illinois, sales of medical marijuana began in November, but doctors fear the state will discipline them if they prescribe it to their patients.