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Latest Headlines

Blue Shield of California pushes nonprofit insurers into spotlight

Now that Blue Shield of California has lost its tax-exempt status and owes tens of millions of dollars in state taxes annually, industry experts predict that other large nonprofit insurance companies could be scrutinized over how they serve the public.

Meaningful Use Stage 3: A battle for appropriate patient engagement requirements

Battle lines are being drawn between Meaningful Use Stage 3 supporters and those not so keen on some or all of the newly proposed rules.

Supreme Court rules providers can't sue states over Medicaid payments

A landmark Supreme Court ruling Tuesday made it clear that private medical providers cannot sue individual states in an attempt to raise Medicaid reimbursement rates.

Endoscopes also linked to drug-resistant E. coli outbreak in Washington State

The contaiminated medical devices blamed for a series of superbug outbreaks are also linked to an outbreak of a drug-resistant  Escherichia coli   (E. coli)  strain in a Washington state hospital. These endoscopes may infect more patients if hospitals use the company's recommended cleaning procedures, according to a study published in  Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology.

SGR repeal likely, but not a cure-all for physician challenges

Although physician groups criticized legislators for taking recess before voting on a proposed repeal of the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) formula, chances are good that the Senate will follow the House's lead and approve HR 1470 within the next two weeks,  Medical Economics  reported.

3 challenges for meaningful delivery reform

The alignment of new payment models with existing provider compensation formulas is just one of several challenges that healthcare leaders must address to achieve meaningful payment and healthcare delivery reform, according to a new report from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Report: Physician practices not hit by ACA access crisis

Despite opposition from its start five years ago, some fears related to the Affordable Care Act have failed to materialize. For example, the 16.4 million Americans who gained private health insurance over the past years did not flood physician office waiting rooms nearly to the extent anticipated. 

5 factors will shape what happens to ACA in next 5 years

The Affordable Care Act faced hurdles and achieved milestones in its first five years. Now that its anniversary has passed, attention turns to what's in store for the future of healthcare reform.

CDC looks to Chicago hospitals' example in battle against superbugs

In the wake of the White House's aggressive plan to combat antibiotic-resistant infections, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention hopes to slash rates of one particularly dangerous superbug nationwide by replicating the success of a program it piloted in five Chicago hospitals, Reuters reported.

Senate passes two health insurance amendments, files a third

The Senate actually got something done last week. Senators voted on budget amendments to cut the employer contribution on their own health insurance and to  improve health insurance price transparency.