Obama administration made security changes to

The Obama administration made changes to Friday after it was reported that the site might be violating consumers' privacy rights by giving their personal data, including age, income, ZIP code and various health conditions, to third-party sites. 

Iowa insurance commissioner seeks liquidation of CoOportunity Health

Iowa's insurance commissioner announced Friday that he will seek liquidation of the state's CoOportunity Health. The order should take effect on Feb. 28.

Proposal in California would require insurers to update provider lists

California lawmakers have proposed legislation that would require insurers to update their provider lists weekly and make them more available online.

Healthcare innovation won't come to those who wait

Last week, as I listened to the State of the Union address and read story after story about the fallout from King v Burwell, the ups and downs of Medicaid expansion and the fate of the Affordable...

Small insurers in Massachusetts upset over risk adjustment program

Small health insurers in Massachusetts worry that a provision in the Affordable Care Act will force them to subsidize the state's dominant insurer, Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Arkansas governor wants to close door on private option

In a highly anticipated address, Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R) said he is open to keeping the state's private option Medicaid program in place until the end of 2016 but wants to form a task force to explore a future overhaul.

Working class would be hit hardest by ACA subsidy repeal

If the Supreme Court sides with the plaintiffs in the King v Burwell case, low- and middle-income workers will be hit hardest, according to an Urban Institute and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation report

Medical costs main contributor to insurance rate increases

Rate increases by insurers of 10 percent or more averaged 13 percent in the individual and small-group markets, found a new study from the Commonwealth Fund.

Childless adults biggest winners under Medicaid expansion

Medicaid expansion has been particularly beneficial to low-income adults without children, many of whom had not been previously able to obtain coverage through their employers.

Aetna CEO on decision to raise minimum pay rates

Aetna announced last week that it was increasing the incomes of its lowest-paid employees by as much as 33 percent, to a minimum of $16 an hour because to do otherwise would be unfair, the insurer's chief exec said Wednesday. And he wants other companies to follow suit.

Increased Medicaid payments increases appointment availability

Increasing Medicaid reimbursements for primary care in turn raised payments to Medicare levels in both 2013 and 2014.

Abortion coverage still up for debate among states, insurers

Abortion coverage has been a hotly debated topic among states and insurers ever since the passing of the Affordable Care Act.

Health insurance stocks hit all-time highs

Stocks in health insurance companies hit all-time highs this week amid news that the firms added millions of customers thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

Republican Senators introduce bill to eliminate individual mandate

Senate Republicans introduced a bill Wednesday to repeal the individual mandate provision under the Affordable Care Act, reported Reuters.

3 trends transforming the health insurance industry

Depsite disruption, and despite overall spending of $2.9 trillion last year, the rate of growth in healthcare spending is at its lowest rate in 50 years. So what has caused this significant transformation?

BCBS: Huge variation in medical costs shows need for price transparency

The costs for knee and hip replacements--the two fastest-growing medical treatments in the country--vary by more than $20,000, demonstrating that insurers should develop price transparency tools so consumers can shop for the best prices, according to a new report from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.

OIG: CMS did not prepare for launch of

When launched in October 2013, laden with flaws and mishaps, it raised a number of concerns--namely, did the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services plan appropriately for the marketplace's launch? A recent Office of Inspector General said, in a word, "No."

President vows to veto any ACA repeal

In his State of the Union address, President Barack Obama indicated that attempts to roll back any of his landmark achievements--including the Affordable Care Act--will earn his veto.

Tennessee CO-OP freezes enrollment

Another consumer oriented and operated health plan (CO-OP) has ceased accepting new enrollments for the year. Tennessee's Community Health Alliance (CHA) pulled its plans off the state's federally run exchange by freezing enrolling on Jan. 15. might be violating consumer privacy

The federal health insurance exchange might be violating consumers' privacy rights by giving their personal data, including age, income, ZIP code and various health conditions, to third-party sites embedded on