Most top-ranked hospitals in at least one ACA exchange network

Nearly all top-ranked regional hospitals are in at least one Affordable Care Act marketplace plan network, yet hospitals' network participation still "declined significantly" in 2016, a new analysis from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation shows. The findings show that consumers have a lot of choice in hospitals, RWJF's Kathy Hempstead told FierceHealthPayer in an exclusive interview.


Cadillac tax opponents say full repeal is the only solution

Last week, White House economic advisers revealed that President Barack Obama would include an adjustment to the Cadillac tax in his 2017 budget proposal, but critics of the tax are not impressed.

No end in sight for BCBS of North Carolina technology woes

After two months of technology failures that led to overbilling and dropped coverage, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina will delay the transfer of 685,000 state health plan customers to its troubled software system, but offered no timeline for resolving existing data transfer problems, according to the News & Observer.

In struggle over future of ACA exchanges, consumers caught in the middle

I often think of the old expression "I only have two hands" when my plate seems too full or in any situation when people or organizations have expectations assigned to them that they...

Open enrollment sign-ups total 12.7 million

Affordable Care Act marketplace sign-ups for 2016 totaled about 12.7 million people, the federal government announced Thursday, including 9.6 million who enrolled through and 3.1 million through state exchanges.

Study: Great potential for Medicare Advantage to engage providers in value-based care

While Medicare Advantage plans present immense potential to accelerate the transition from volume to value in the healthcare industry, health plans still face challenges in convincing providers of the buisness case for value-based care in MA, according to a new study from Deloitte.


Why a national solution is needed for provider directories

A national solution is needed when it comes to collection and quality of provider information, according to panelists speaking at the eHealth Initiatives annual conference on Thursday.

High-deductible health plans reduce care, but at a cost

As high-deductible health plans become a more common fixture in the healthcare industry, the debate continues as to whether such benefit designs reduce care costs and usage--and how that influences consumers' health, according to a new issue brief from Health Affairs.


20 companies join in effort to keep employee healthcare costs low

Twenty major companies are teaming up to keep the amount they spend on employee healthcare as low as possible. 

Wellmark BCBS exec: Healthcare industry must improve breach detection

Security threats on the healthcare industry will never fully go away, but the risks can be managed, especially though threat detection, according to panelists at the eHealth Initiative's annual conference in the District of Columbia on Thursday.

A 2006 healthcare bill could serve as foundation for a single-payer system

A decade-old plan with a focus on cost-sharing could help the country successfully transition to a universal healthcare program, according to a Vox blog post.

Cigna's income from operations rises in Q4

Cigna reported Thursday that its fourth-quarter adjusted income from operations rose to $486 million, or $1.87 per share, up from $475 million ($1.80 per share) at the same time in 2014.

UnitedHealth sues feds over Medicare Advantage overpayment rule

UnitedHealthcare and 40 other affiliated companies have sued the federal government in an attempt to change what they argue are unfair regulations governing Medicare Advantage overpayments.


Obama to include Cadillac tax adjustment in budget proposal

Next week, President Barack Obama will propose amending the controversial Cadillac tax on expensive private health plans in the administration's 2017 budget plan, according to a article from the New England Journal of Medicine.


Enrollment centers help New Mexico exchange reach more consumers

Enrollment centers set up around the state were a key to providing free assistance to both new enrollees and those looking for a new health insurance carrier on New Mexico's state-run exchange, according to an interview with CEO Amy Dowd.


Insurers move to stem ACA losses--but at expense of consumers?

Seeking to stem their financial losses on Affordable Care Act exchange products, health insurers have started to discourage consumers from signing up for coverage outside of standard enrollment periods and choosing less-profitable plans, Kaiser Health News reports.


Covered California exec blasts UnitedHealth for ACA criticism

The executive director of California's health insurance exchange is firing back at UnitedHealth after the nation's largest insurer threatened to stop selling Affordable Care Act policies in 2017.


House fails to override Obama's veto of ACA repeal

The House of Representatives failed on Tuesday to override President Barack Obama's veto of a bill that would have gutted the Affordable Care Act. 

Bernie Sanders' healthcare plan: The trouble with nixing private insurers

With the race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders closer than ever, one of the key differences that has emerged between the two Democratic presidential candidates is their healthcare policy positions.

Final open enrollment surge might be less than expected

We will soon know for sure how many Americans signed up for 2016 health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act, but there are some indications that the final surge to sign-up for a health plan before the Jan. 31 deadline was less than expected, according to a CNBC report.